WEB-SET Ads / Publisher solution

What is WEB-SET Ads?

WEB-SET Ads are a simple way to increase the earning from a website.
- Earn money from the target-feed content
- Start straight forward
- Very simple to integrate
- Next Generation monetization based on CPM and CPC!!! The Google Adsense alternative
- Layout customization of the Ad

Furthermore we can create a customized content page (Size + Layout) for your web-set.com, depending on the traffic provide. Contact us.


WEB-SET Ads - Sizes

Here you download the specification and the details for the implementation of the content feeds.

YOUR_URL: your HTTP Address, in this format: web-set.com
COUNTRY: your main country, ex. DE, US, IT, UK, US, ...
Affiliate Specification Terms & Conditions

Banner with size 160x600

Banner with size 728x90

How it is working?

1. Copy the HTML Code into your website
2. Please contact us with this form.
3. Now you will start to earn money with the content.

How much can I earn?

WEB-SET Ads are a simple and exclusive way to increase the income from your website.
We offer a unique flat compensation depending on the traffic quality and click rate (CPM+CPC). Your website must have at least 30'000 Views per month and we expect at leat 0.5% CTR.

Aks for a quotation of your portal with this contact-form application.

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